Client Provisioning J2EE Project with Source Code

  • Project Title: Client Provisioning J2EE Project with Source Code

Software Requirements:  J2EE, MS Access.

Project Description:  The main objective of developing Client Provisioning J2EE Project is to provide effective banking client provisioning tool for all banking customers.

This java project works with users can log in with main page registration form where they can find bank details as well as retrieve details, on the top of the window users can see menu bar for different operations in banking sector like deposit money, withdraw money, delete created one, find banking information, transform currency, find their own account details, payments for their credit cards, etc. Banking sector module provides information about bank name; bank established, bank location, number of branches, number of employees, Bank Main head quarters.

The remaining deposit and withdrawal operations need customer pin number as well as a 3d secure pin.

Client Provisioning J2EE Project Source code, Documentation, Abstract, Paper Presentation ppt, Database File, Screen Shots.

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