Wireless Power Transfer objective:

The objective of this Wireless Power Transfer ECE Final Year Project Report is to give an idea of Wireless power transfer which is in developing stage and it can be a future existence. Due to the extinguishing energy resources, there is a serious search of alternative energy resources which are endless and eco-friendly. The answer for this is wireless power transfer which came in 17th century. It consists of microwaves for transmission of electromagnetic radiation, and for vibrating the objects resonance concept are used and solar cells for sun’s radiation in outer space. Research has been going in various countries to bring WPT into a practical environment.

Brief into Wireless Power Transfer WPT:

The concept of WPT is to use the sun light resources and convert into electrical energy and transmit to the end user without the use of cables. Here two antennas operating at same frequency are brought together , due to phenomenon of resonance tunneling occurs by which the energy gets transmitted into free space, and the devices in the particular range gets charged. In WPT the transmission efficiency is very high and the losses occurred are very negligible. The WPT can also be implemented by using lasers but more problems are encountered and transmission efficiency is less.

Problems to be solved:

Construction of WPT end systems large spaces and the difficulty occurs in converting Radio frequencies to DC power. As the energy gets transmitted in free space the devices get lower or higher than the required frequency. WPT is absolutely pollutant free but the constant exposure of human beings microwaves may cause some serious health disorders.

Applications of WPT:

WPT can bring a revolution in energy resources. It can be used in medical for performing open heart surgeries. BY using this concept we can transmit continuous power to space ships and aircrafts. We can conclude that WPT can completely replace the usage of fossil fuels and it can maintain a pollution free environment.

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