Wireless Communication ECE Seminar Topic

This Wireless Communication ECE seminar topic is explains you about the wireless communication. This communication is no need of wires to communicate for short and long distance communication, wireless communication is the telecom communication, here in this there is no need of physical connection between source and destination, GPS is the wireless technology it is used to find the location of the vehicle and in door openers, and used air traffic system, military, civil, commercially.

Nowadays cellular system use the wireless communication, WLAN is the wireless local area network it link the two or more networks, most of the WLAN is based on the IEEE802.11 standards, this uses the WI-FI name, by using wireless technology without connection we can access the internet, there are several types of WLANs those are peer to peer/ ad-hoc- to communicate directly without central access points, bridge networks, and it allocate the spectrum for the spread spectrum. This wireless communication not only used in telecom but also in wireless power transmission, wireless charging, wireless mouse, wireless ATM, so the wireless communication is necessary nowadays to communicate without any physical connection between source and destination. Mostly now in most of the companies, industries, and colleges use the WI-FI technology to access the internet in that surrounding area.

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