Vehicle Tracker and Speed Notifier Java Project

Purpose: In our daily life, we find many situations where it is necessary to find the vehicle location . This project targets to develop a mobile application in order to provide vehicle location and it also used to send speed notifications to user. It uses internet and can be accessed from anywhere.

Software Requirements-

  • Java
  • XML
  • Eclipse ADT
  • MySQL

Specifications of the project

  • Location tracking.
  • Sending speed notifications.
  • Basically we need two android applications in which one acts as parent app, another one acts as child app.
  • Whenever a parent application needs his respective child application location then we have to provide location and speed.
  • By saving latitude and longitude values in local server ,we can access child location.
  • Speed calculation like after reaching the destination, Distance/time.
  • We have to write an trigger like if speed reaches 50, then push an notification.

Working Of Vehicle Tracking

By using built-in GPS(Global Positioning System) child     application will send the respective Latitude(X) and Longitude(Y) values through a link to guardian/parent application through Notifications, E-Mail and SMS whenever guardian/parent wants to know their respective children.

Here Guardian/Parent can fix some speed limit if respective child cross that speed limit then guardian/parent will get continuous notifications through the application.,Y,Zz?hl=en

X is the value of Latitude.

Y is the value of Longitude.

Z is the value of Zoom in google maps.

  • If you click on the above link it will show the location of respective child.

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