Vehicle Hiring SystemVehicle Hiring System Project Overview:

This Vehicle Hiring System project is developed for KRM. KRM transport is the company that started hiring vehicles according to the categories for their industries and for individuals. They started with the small business but later they were expanded with their skills and innovations and now they have become the well-known organization.

They developed full specified system that has database related to the fields.  They store completer information about the vehicle rental system. They keep the complete records of the vehicles and the clients. They also can track the vehicle that was hired by some client. They have developed recovery system in case of any information is lost. Every client has been given unique ID and password.

Modules in Vehicle Hiring System Project:

These systems have different modules like they store staff information, customer information and their vehicles details like price, name, model etc. These systems are only used by the administrator, sponsors, salesmen and supervisors.

Objectives for Implementing This Project:

 Encourage clients to participate in the project. They also need to understand the various business standards. Make a research of collect complete details about the systems. To make the system secure and more standard we need to design data base that will store complete information about the vehicles. We need to design ER diagrams, relationship models and feed the entire schema that will be necessary in the application.

After the complete theory study its now turn to get practical, now we need to program the application by selecting appropriate programming language, that can provide user friendly GUI. This application will involve user authentication, it will ask for username and password. Then it gives different modules that will be categorized according like user details, vehicles hiring details. After creating the complete application we need to prepare the documents, presentations, etc. and other information related to the product in the printed form.