Universal Serial Bus Presentation

Introduction to Universal Serial Bus Presentation:

They are buses or ports use to connect the device with the computers. This USB is very fast and have the capability to send 500Mbyte per second. USB ports are common in all the devices means every device related to computer comprises of USB port and they are directly connected to the computer. HUB is responsible for connecting device and computer. It checks the function of the USB. It is also responsible for power distribution and checks whether the USB is working correctly or not.

USB are connected through cables that have 8 inputs and outputs. It has three pairs of cables that are twisted. They are used data transmission and for power.

There USB are very high speed. They can send the data with the speed of 625 MB/sec. they use power of 150mA and they require minimum voltage between 4.4 and 4V. Its speed does not depend on cable length like USB 2.0.

Difference between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0:in USB 3.0 we can send full duplex data while in USB 2.0 only half duplex data. USB 3.0 has 9 pins whereas 2.0 have 5 pins. USB 3.0 has speed ten times faster than 2.0. USB 3.0 is even faster than fire wire. Fire wire has the speed of 3.2 GB/s while USB 3.0 has the speed of 4.8 GB/s.

Applications: they are used by mass storage device like pen drives. They are used by external hard disks and flash drives. They are used to connect ATA, SATA or ATAPI. They are also used to connect mobiles to connect with computer and IPODS, MP4 players etc. in laptops we also connect mouse and keyboard with USB and other applications like connecting LAN, ETHERNET ADAPTER, WI-FI adapter, joystick, gamepads etc.

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