Ultrasonic Techniques for Hidden Corrosion Detection MechanicalSeminar Idea

Introduction to Ultrasonic Techniques for Hidden Corrosion Detection Seminar Idea:

Ultrasonic technique is used for the detection of the corrosion that is hidden. Corrosion is very major problem because it affects the air craft’s and their wings or joints and industry at large scale. The corrosion is also present under the paint which very hard to detect so the detection of this type of corrosion several methods the applied on the metal so that it does not destroy metal but it is removed.

Tests that are carried out on the metal are of various types. One of them is non destructive test (NDT) which includes some process which is described as X ray inspection, liquid penetration inspection, ultrasonic inspection, visual inspection, eddy current inspection and magnetic particle inspection.

This method is used for the detection of the corrosion in aircraft wings or joints. Ultrasonic inspection is carried out on the planes. This process is very much time consuming because it scans the plane perpendicular to the surface. This process is also not good in detecting the cracks and disbands in the plane or at the wings.

So these are the drawbacks of ultrasonic inspection and these drawbacks are overcome by guided ultrasonic waves. This method is very good solution for the detection of the defects and corrosion and find out the hidden defects and multi layer defects at a very fast rate. And this can be done by selecting velocities of different modes or by analyzing the wave of the mode. This report will describe about the method involve in the gilded ultrasonic inspection. The wave mode is selected by using the tone burst method and then its pitch and echo is tested after that they are launched by some angle. Through this the corrosion in multi layer is detect very easily and this method is very helpful for detecting corrosion.

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