Taxi & Cab Management System Project

This Taxi & Cab Management System is helpful for travel agencies for their cabs, taxis, and their vehicle maintenance. This Taxi project contains car details, pick up vans and mini buses details. The main advantage of this web application is to provide accidental insurance for their passengers who are using their cabs.

Here simply we are adding the source code for Billing Details web form. This Billing application explains about customer name, vehicle types, vehicle numbers, vehicle driver name, from date, to date, Cab allocation and finally customer booking.

Download the Taxi & Cab Management System Project report, Documentation, Project Abstract, Source code, Paper Presentation, Seminar Topic, Software & Hardware requirements, SRS Documents.

Find the source code for Taxi & Cab Management System Billing Details app.


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  1. Hi,
    The .bak file is not present. Also, I can find the database in the Fleet code ->Fleet Management ->App Data folder. The database is in .mdf form

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