Speed Cash System for B.tech Final Year Project for CSE in Java

Introduction to Speed Cash System Project:

The Speed Cash System is the latest system of transferring money from place to place and that too within a single day. This process is used to speed the process of transaction. There are many informations that are required for the money transferring process. The transfer takes place from the bank source to the specified destination in file format on a regular basis. These kind of files includes various information like the details of the remitter, details of the beneficiary and details of DD as well as other data.

Remitter is the person who is sending the money while the beneficiary is the person who is receiving the benefit or who is transferring the money to the sender. If the remitter or the sender already has an account then the deduction will take place instead of dealings in cash at the back end. After the processing of the file the data are processed and put into the storage of database. After that it is again further processes and the print of the DD is taken. Thereafter the DD that is printed will be given to the person who is connected to it. This system also helps to generate various other reports.

Out of the above functionality that are mentioned student can easily develop two or kinds of modules. You can visit the Stock Exchange Trading Company   for further details. This is a web based interface that makes use of distributed data system. CSS and HTML should be used for creating the solutions.

Apart from that you can use javascript which is a client side presentation and Java which is a programming language. JSP,  JNDI, JDBC, and Servlets are used for creating web based applications. For database oracle and access are used. Server deployment and operating system applications can also be used.

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