Introduction to Smart Gateway Design for WSN Health Care System Project:

This paper discussed about a smart gateway design which designed especially for WSN health care systems at home environments by building a bridge between different networks to get faster response time during emergencies. The communication protocols are also designed between WSN, gateway and remote servers.  Researches has been carried out on this smart gateway with a wireless home e-health care sensor network in order to show that this gateway is reliable and has low power consumption and latency. 


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have been used in many areas because of its numerous advantages. WSNs are also using in health care systems by integrating health care, sensor network and wireless communications together.  Smart gateway designed by following embedded system development processes and this resultant designed gateway is used in WSN health care systems.

 In a health care system, time required detecting patient’s health state and informing the same to care givers is very important.  In WSN, sensor nodes always must be in working mode and less interfere channel. Data from WSN is analyzed by the proposed gateway or by any central server.  With the help of WSN, the data about health state of patient’s must reach health care takers on time.  Health care takers must get notice when patient’s health is in danger. 

            Smart gateway is classified into simple and intelligent models. In simple model, connection exists between WSN and smart gateway, and between smart gateway and health care takers. Communication protocol exists between WSN and PCN in transport layers and it should exist between WSN and HCC in application layer. 

Data transfers to HCC from WSN and commands received from HCC which need to be implemented. In intelligent model, connection exists between WSN and smart gateway, and between smart gateway and remote server.  Onboard database plays an important role in receiving and storing data from WSN and informing the same to HCC.  Reporting of patient’s health state to remote server takes place periodically. 

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