Seminar Topics for ECE Branch On Springs

Introduction to  Springs Seminar Topics:

A device which changes its shape when external force is applied and returns to its near original shape when force is removed is termed as spring. Here the energy used to extend the spring is stored in the spring when extended and this energy is released back when the force is removed.

If we study the history of springs it goes way back to 3rd century B.C and since then many engineers made use of spring mechanism in different fields of life such as military, agriculture, machinery etc. Since then technology had vastly evolved and springs are used widely in various fields in present day to day life.

Mainly springs can be classified into 5 types.

Cylindrical or Conical shaped springs: – These are just ordinary springs in the shape of a cylinder and well coiled.

Extension spring: – Spring on which extension force when applied the distance between coils increases are called as extension springs.

Compression spring: – When force is applied on these coiled springs the spring is pushed together and the spring is shortened are called as compression springs. These are mainly used in automobiles.

Torsion spring or coiled spring: – Springs that are used to apply tension at twists are called as torsion springs mainly found in clip boards and hair clips.

Leaf springs: – Springs which are not in coil shape but looks as a shallow arch for example springs used in automobiles such as heavy trucks in the rear are called as leaf springs. 

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