Seminar Topic on Adhoc Networks

Introduction to Adhoc Networks Seminar Topic:

Ad-Hoc networks can be considered as the unique wireless networks that are built themselves which does not need infrastructures like access points because the nodes present within these ad hoc networks are organized themselves that transfers different data packets. The Adhoc networks are even capable of managing the different types of fluctuations and problems that occur suddenly because of Mobility. Nowadays, every application is produced in the form of multimedia data which is entirely based on the effective transmission process through traffic control.

The QoS- Quality of Service aspect is used in to support different types of network applications which is been used as the main domain. For this particular reason, QoS is widely used in the Adhoc based network applications. In the process of classification of protocols the different numbers of protocols are used in order to ensure the quality based applications. For this particular aspect, bandwidth, delay jitter as well as packet losses are the best examples.

1.5 Parameters

1.5.1 Bandwidth

In the internet the process of bandwidth that happened between two different types of points is undefined and unstable. Within this process, when the bandwidth is getting transmitted from one end to the other by competing with its opposite bandwidth then different blockages will take place which directly leads to packet losses and the data present within the networks will be corrupted. If the users of the network are using only small amount of bandwidth in the place of high bandwidth, then that particular network can overcome the bandwidth problems.

1.5.2 Delay jitter

The packets that understand the delay which is totally differed from one packet to the other packet is known as delay jitter. Within the process of sending the packets the receiver need to receive, display as well as transfer the different types of frames at a stable rate which leads to the delay in the performance of the networks.

1.5.3 Data Losses

Based on the type of networks and the problems occurred the data losses will take place in that particular network. Especially in the wired networks like internet the packet loss problems are high which leads to huge data losses among the networks. The losses that took place in the network are showing major impact on the network performance which remains the networks blank. 

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