Seminar on Data Structures

Introduction to Seminar on Data Structures:

A data structure allows organizing the data in a considered manner and creates relationship with each other. Data structures are very important for handling the data in all platforms. Arrays are used for storing similar type of data but by using data structures we can store data which is not similar. In this paper we will see how dissimilar data is stored using structures and the applications of structures in various fields.

Brief on data structures:

We often come across situations we the data is of different types of entities and we store these data by constructing an array to each entity but the code length becomes huge and the processing speed gets reduced so we use data structures where we can declare all the entities in a structure and the processing speed is also increases. We can even declare in structures for storing the similar elements. The structure elements are always stored in contagious memory locations.

The major application of data structures is in relational database management systems for storing the organizational details and employ details etc. structures can also be screen interactive applications. For performing the insertion and deletion operations on the nodes we use binary tree structure in data structures.

Applications of Data structures:

Data structures are extensively used in compiler design and operating systems and in artificial intelligence systems. In data base management systems for storing of huge data in volumes we use data structures. Data structures are also used in numerical analysis packages and in statistical analysis. Data structures are also used for purpose of simulation. 

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