Seminar for Computer Science on Packet Delay Variation

Introduction to  Packet Delay Variation:

Packet delay variation indicates the overall delay imposed in the packet arrival times. This value should be less to improve the quality of the video applications. The actual comparison graph is as shown below.

packet delay

It can be observed from the above graph that the overall packet delay variation is more with the case of DSR routing protocol. As discussed in the previous section, the overall routing overhead on the wireless LAN video server will be more due to the routing nature of DSR routing protocol and thus the packet delay variation has increased.

It can also be observed that the packet delay variation is also more with TORA routing protocol and this is due to the complex routing process followed by the hybrid routing protocols. AODV is the best routing protocol that can be considered in this context and also the overall packet delay variation is low and constant.

This indicates that the quality of the video application can be enhanced if the routing protocol across the MANETs is AODV and thus always the reactive nature of the routing protocols will improve the performance of the video applications and also the required quality. 

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