Security in Operating System and WindowsNT Final Year CSE Technical Seminar PPT

Introduction to Security in Operating System and WindowsNT Technical Seminar Topic:

Computer security refers to the protection of all components like hardware, software, and stored data of a computer from damage, theft, or unauthorized use. Most confidential data should be protected from the unauthorized users so that the data should be encrypted. Many users accessing the data lead to data inconsistency as they may alter the data. So, proper passwords should be used. Sometimes systems may crash so that we may loss important data to overcome this we should maintain data backup. 

Security problems in operating systems: 

Authentication: authentication is mainly dependent on the user identity. The most common user identity is giving passwords. When the user enters the username then the system asks for the password if the entered password matches the password stored in the system the system assumes that the user as the legal user. But the passwords can be easily guessed by the unauthorized users if we use simple passwords. So we should be more careful while choosing the passwords. The main problem is keeping the password secret. To solve this problem we have encrypted passwords and one time passwords. 

Program threats: Hackers thefts the data or programs written by some users and they may change them. it leads to the misuse of the data. The two major program threats are Trojan horses and Trap doors. 

System threats: the two main system threats are warms and viruses. Warm replicates a file so that the number of copies of a file are produced ultimately then the system performance goes downs. Virus spread their programs to all the files and damages them. These viruses are usually spread by downloading data from the network and exchanging the infected disks. 


Microsoft included security as part of the initial design specifications for Windows NT, and it is pervasive in the operating system. The security model includes components to control who accesses which objects, which actions an individual can take on an object, and which events are audited.

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