Robust Lane Detection for Video-Based Navigation Systems Java Project

Introduction to Robust Lane Detection for Video-Based Navigation Systems Project:

Video based car navigation systems are evolving as the latest car navigation systems that offer virtual navigation services than traditional navigation systems based upon map. The technique needed to create these systems involves collecting object information through cameras and the drawn out characteristic is carried out to attain information regarding colour, margin and thing.

Drawn out characteristics include several sounds like shadow, spoiled outer face of the road and cars obstructing road markings. To identify road and things on the road, dismissal of outliers and thing identification techniques are employed. Path discovery is important to identify things on the road. But path discovery is a serious problem for several illumination states like shadow, sunset, rear lights etc. This paper suggests a new concept that identifies path for several roads and illumination, path markings situations like spoiled road outer faces obstructed by a car, shadow, backlights etc. For strong path discovery, the shape knowledge of drawn out path markings and a moving average filtering are merged, refining the precision of identification. 

 Here, a system has been employed to create a robot which can move by itself minus the assistance of anyone else and go to its destination. 

Proposed System:

In the times to come, intelligent Vehicles, as a section of Intelligent Transportation Systems(ITS) would cause a major influence. They can comprehend their close surroundings and can interact with fellow traffic partners like vehicles, frameworks and traffic maintenance centers. 

Hardware Requirements:

A Pentium IV Processor, a 32 Bit System Bus, a 512 MB RAM, a HDD of 40 GB, a SVGA Colour display and a Windows /Linux keyboard are required. 

Software Requirements:

A front end –J2EE, a back end-My Sql, a Windows/Linux OS and a Net Beans IDE are required.

Download Robust Lane Detection for Video-Based Navigation Systems Java Project .

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