Resource Pool Project Abstract

Introduction to Resource Pool Project:

Resource pool project is implemented in java platform using HTML, Java script and CSS as web technologies and oracle as database. Main aim of resource pool project is to provide a portal for Software Company to organize available resources efficiently by mangers, project leaders. For every software company resource planning is a important task which is maintained by human resource management department most of them use HRMS application for managing employee details. Resource pool project is also related to HRMS which is used to handle availability of resource, centralized database for allowing everyone to view data, Reduces communication gap in resource allocation, easy to track employees experience and efficiency, report generation with compare graphs.

This application consists of four modules admin module, resource management module, tracking module and reporting module.

Admin Module:  This module allows administrator to add new employee details with all his specifications to database and can also modify or delete existing employee details from database. Admin provides permissions for each user with user name and password to viewing details.

Resource Management Module: This module allows managers and project leaders to find out available resources based on platform specification and experience specification and  location they are available at. Using this module project leader can take employees or can shift available employee to other locations.

Tracking Module: This module helps project leaders and mangers to search for employees based on three criteria’s domain, visa type and status. This module will save time to find fixed employee.

Reporting Module: This module allows employees, admin, project leader and mangers to print reports about their performance.

Download Resource Pool Project Abstract from this link.

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