Oracle Database Projects

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Online Crime Investigation System Project in Java

Project Abstract: This Online Crime Investigation System software presents the part of an organization work as per the requirements , specifications and conditions mentioned in the user manual . This application s/w has been developed and completed successfully and also tests successfully by taking “Test Cases” It is user friendly and has all the needed(…)

Retail Business Analytical Process Osmania University CSE Final Year Project Report

This Project gives an idea of analyzing the business requirements to make a decision. The data warehousing demonstrates the principle idea to store and evaluate the data. The Project entitled Retail business analytical processing gives the idea to demonstrate all evaluated and strategic necessities of the business requirements related to sales, stock evaluation and the(…)

UML Diagrams of Java and Oracle Mobile Management System

UML Diagrams of Mobile Management System The unified modeling language is a language for specification, constructing, visualizing and documenting the software and its components. The UML is a graphical language with set of rules and syntaxes. The goal of UML is to keep the modeling simple. ACTIVITY DIAGRAM             Activity diagram is used to model an(…)

E-R Diagrams & Database of Mobile Shop MCA Project

Oracle Database Table Description for Mobile Store Java Project Report Tables: Login Description: Stores the information of User Id and password   Field    Type    Size    Key Description Username Varchar 30 Not null Admin Identification Password Varchar 20   Password Tables: newcustomer_details Description: Stores the information of Customer.   Field    Type    Size   (…)

Mobile Phone Store Management System Project in Java with Code

There is a full support from the higher authority to implement new system. All the projects can be beneficial if it can be turned to information systems that meet operating requirements. The test of feasibility is made only when the system will work it is developed and installed. MODULE DESCRIPTION  The ‘Mobile Phone Store Management(…)

DBMS- Data Base Management System In SQL Project Report

Database Management System in SQL can be considered as one of the important aspects in the computer science filed which includes different innovations in it. Especially the data retrieval and data storage are happened to be important aspects in database management systems. Database management system is even playing important role in data storage of some(…)

Software & Hardware Specifications for Tourism Management System

The below added article give us brief explanation of how Hardware and Software Specifications added to this tourist project. Software Development Life Cycle is the fundamental method to follow and where the requirement phase plays major role. Software requirements for this project are VB  Visual Basic programming, Oracle Database Server and works on Windows XP. Hardware requirements are system should have(…)

B Tech Project Database Structure For Tourism Management

This B Tech (Bachelors of  Technology) Tourism Management Project Database Structures given below, where These tables include Field names, data type and description. Main structures are Boarding places. Tourism places, Passenger details, vehicle info. Students can create databases in MS Access, SQl and Oracle using the below custom table. Download B Tech Project Database Structure For(…)