MCA Projects

MCA Projects available here are implemented in, java, Visual basic and C++, php . MCA final year students can use these topics as reference for mini and major projects. Students can download list of MCA Projects with documentation for free download.

Online Matrimonial Project Documentation

Introduction to Online Matrimonial Project: Sharenlive is a matrimonial website that can operate at free of cost and is developed in PHP. This is nowadays available in the net and like many matrimonial websites claim that they have millions of users we only offer 99.9 % active and genuine profile. We are one of the best(…)

Share Accounting Package Visual.Net Project Full Report for CSE Final Year Students

For carrying a business banking a cooperative is need to be formed by two or more people who readily make investments to carry on with the process. The member of a co-operative bank is the shareholder of the bank and in another word, he has to purchase the shares of the company to become the(…) CSE Asp.Net Mini Project Report on Student Web Portal

The Student Web Portal is the web based online application for the students to get the updated information of the university and to see the results of the examination and to submit the fee of the semester or year. The Student can do the semester work like to seek help of the coordinators and the(…)

CSE Project Idea on Picture Message Visualizer with Abstract

The Project Pict- Message is a advanced and innovative kind of the messaging which is initiated by the data feeds and finally create a building of message. For instance, the CNN News the latest headlines will appear along with the picture information. This application is also developed in that manner if one wants a information(…)

Online Mobile Phone Shop Project Report with Database Design

The Online mobile phone shop is meant for the mobile shopping that includes the purchasing and the selling of the mobile on internet. The mobile business has lot of scope and enhancing day by day. The internet business of the mobile has been the great future due to globalization. The online portal of the mobile(…)

Petrol Pump Management System Project in VB.Net with Full Project Report

Introduction to Petrol Pump Management System Project in VB.Net: The management of the petrol pump is done by the manager manually which is a difficult process. The Project deals with the development of the computerized system for maintaining the regular records. The Project consists of various forms and developed with the help of the Visual Basic(…)

Project Evaluator Asp.Net Project for CSE Final Year Students with Report

The Project Evaluator is developed to reduce the manual processes which are occurring in the software company. The Project is the web based application which eases the work of the administrator, project leader, project manager, developer and the tester. The receiving of the project from the client and giving the work to the developers in(…)

CSE Project Idea on E-Mail System Using PHP

Introduction to E-Mail System Project Using PHP: The email system has focus on the development of the new emails, delivering email, receiving email, saving email as drafts, managing the contact list, to list of the IP addresses of received emails. The technology if used properly may bring the simplicity by combining the technological advances. The latest(…)

Online Resource Management System Project

The Project Resource Management System is useful in the different self governed business units of the organization. The online resource management system is available on the internet and accessible to each department and the organization. The system consists of modules to add the details of the employee allotted the project.  The more functions can be(…)

Online Hotel Management System JSP Project Documentation for CSE Students

Introduction to Online Hotel Management System Project: Inn administration frameworks are one of the numerous things that you ought to consider when you run an inn. It tries not to matter if your lodging is simply a humble boutique sort inn or a broad across the country chain. Having this programming is keys to verifying you(…)