MBA Dissertations

MBA Dissertation Topic list provided here consists of project reports for ms mba students. Students can use these projects as reference for dissertation projects.

Strategy Implementation Process Followed By the Operational Managers

Research Findings Once the required primary information is gathered from the key respondents as mentioned in the research methodology chapter, the opinions of the respondents are analyzed and framed as the research findings in this chapter. Opinion and views of the respondents like Operational manger, area manager, general manger and the front line employees are(…)

MBA research project on AMT Coffee Ltd Company

Research sample size (If you interview and give questionnaires to 45 respondents, are these all the employee of the branch where you are working? If that’s the case, you can say you used a census of the entire population of employees in that particular branch.): The actual number of employees or participants interviewed for collecting(…)

Data collection methods: Primary source of data & Secondary source of data of MBA Project

Data collection methods: In order to complete the research of the project successfully, certain information related to the problem considered in the project is very much necessary and that important data is collected is used for further analysis. Primary source of data and secondary source of data are the two ways for collecting the necessary(…)

Quantitative Research Methodology of MBA Project

Quantitative research method: The quantitative analysis of the research problem considered is done using the quantitative research methodology. This kind of research methods will explore the statistical and numerical analysis of the research problem that is regarded. The evaluation of the results gathered from this research method is done statistically and numerically done. This research(…)

Complete Review to the Organizational Strategies and the Corresponding Employee Performance

Summary  Complete review to the organizational strategies and the corresponding employee performance and job satisfaction towards the organizational strategies is done across the Literature review with reference to the opinion of various authors. There are few gaps in the literature towards the level of communication to be implemented to make sure the employees understand the(…)

Job Satisfaction of the Employees with Proper Implementation of Strategies

The management of the organization concentrates on designing of a strategy and its implementation in the organization to improve job satisfaction for the employees working in the organization. Job satisfaction plays a significant role in the performance of the employee. An employee becomes productive when he is having job satisfaction; even it is evident from(…)

Systemic Perceptions on Strategy

Due to the social embbededness, in impersonal economic estimation the economic activity is not possible to place in the different sphere. The financial characteristics are rooted into a network that contains families, careers, relations and the state. The ends and means of the activity are influenced by these networks, and the reasonable and appropriate nature(…)

Evolutionary Approaches to Strategy

Conversely, it is clear that the “ideal of economic human being” has not occupied business. The managers of an organization also do not have a proper idea about the marginal cost of the organization and revenue curves of their organization so they fail to maximizes the levels in setting the output where the marginal revenue(…)

Processual Approach to Strategy

According to the view of Processual approach of an organization, the organization is assumed as a union of human resources, and these human resources will carry their mental preferences and personal aims and goal to the organization. According to the studies of many researchers, the persistent procedure of negotiation is a Strategy because people are(…)