Java Based Projects

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Java Project On Improving Peer-Peer Streaming Output

Improving peer-peer streaming output java project explains about developing a new architecture for optimizing the throughput of data driven peer-peer streaming. This paper covers introduction to new architecture, existing system features compared with proposed system features and hardware and software requirements. Main idea for developing this architecture is to share peers can share few of(…)

Peer-Peer Network Protocol for Efficient Subset Search

Peer to peer network protocol for efficient subset search project explains about new technique in peer to peer network called plexus which is used to improve efficient searching mechanism and efficient method for advertising bit sequence. This paper covers introduction to plexus technology with existing system features compared with proposed system features and hardware and(…)

Efficient Transmission Control Scheme Using DDM

Efficient transmission control scheme using DDM project explains about adaptive transmission control scheme for large scale distributed simulation system using data distribution management. This paper covers introduction to DDM, existing system features, proposed system features and hardware and software requirements. Grid based DDM system is used to improve efficiency in transmission control system. More importantly(…)

Controlling Network Usage in Multi Homed Environment

Controlling Network usage in multi homed environment project explains about how network bandwidth can be equally shared between different electronic devices like personal computers, laptops, pads, mobiles and other devices.¬† This paper consists of introduction to robust rate control for heterogeneous network access in multi homed environment and existing system details and proposed system advantages(…)

Detecting Maliciously Mails In Compromised Router

Detecting malicious mails in compromised router project explains about how packets are missed in compromised network and provides solution to handle malicious packets in the network. This paper covers how routers are hacked to reduce efficiency of application and details of existing system, proposed system advantages and hardware and software requirements. In this project we(…)

Secondary Authorization Server A Java Project

Secondary Authorization Server java project explains about developing a new methodology called cooperative secondary authorization recycling which will reduce single point failure, performance bottleneck, scalability and request response time delay in centralized authorization server. This paper explains about drawbacks in centralized authorization server and explains existing system draw backs and proposed system advantages with hardware(…)

Effective Use of Shortest Path Using Multipath Dissemination

Effective use of shortest path using multipath dissemination project explains about developing new method for utilizing shortest path in mesh network for effective packet transmission between nodes. This paper explains about how multipath dissemination is important in large scale peer-peer mesh topology and existing system details, proposed system advantages and hardware and software requirements. Mesh(…)

Techniques for Computing Shortest Path Between Nodes

Techniques for computing shortest path between nodes project explains about two new techniques for fast computation of constrained network. This project report covers introduction to new methodology, Details on existing system, proposed system details and hardware and software requirements. Calculating shortest distance in Network is one of the important network functions for QoS routing, MLPS(…)

Spam E-Mail Filtering A Java Project

Spam E-Mail Filtering Java Project explains about developing anti spam application by using ALPACAS frame work, preserving message transformation process and privacy protecting protocol. This project report covers overview on project, problems in existing system, proposed system features and hardware and software requirement. Google, Yahoo and many other mailing systems are facing problems with spam(…)

Process Analysis in Asynchronous System A Java Project

¬†Process Analysis in asynchronous system explains about a new method for handling process threads and message transmitting between processes in synchronous manner. This paper covers existing system details, Disadvantages of existing system, proposed system, advantages of proposed system, hardware and software requirements. Inside every system different processes share information by exchanging messages between them as(…)