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Planning & Technical Management System in Java

The manual procedure for interaction between the PPO users and the other users in ELS (Electric Loco Shed) is prone to certain limitations.  The existing system has been facing certain limitations like communication gap between various departments of ELS and maintaining the details manually which is a time consuming process. So, it is becoming very(…)

Virtual Desktop Project in Java Abstract

This is the Virtual Desktop Project in Java which facilitates learning electronically. This virtual Desktop Environment project is developed with aim to provide learning electronically. This Project is developed for the electronic learning for Training Institutions. This project makes use of cheap communication media Internet. The one of the advantage of using this project is(…)

SDLC Management System Project in Java

 Project titled SDLC  management system is a management software designed to manage invoice and billing system for organizations. This application is developed in java programming language using mysql database.  Project overview:              In order to manage customers tracking details and quality of service fo any organization we need a time tacking system which will track(…)

Java Available Projects (IEEE)

Welcome to Available 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,2012 and 2013 Java based projects. Contact us for buying single / bulk java projects. A Clustering Algorithm For Data Mining Based On Swarm Intelligence A Competitive Study of Cryptography Techniques over Block Cipher A Competitive Study of Cryptography Techniques A Decentralized Service Discovery A Distributed Algorithm for(…)

Online Crime Investigation System Project in Java

Project Abstract: This Online Crime Investigation System software presents the part of an organization work as per the requirements , specifications and conditions mentioned in the user manual . This application s/w has been developed and completed successfully and also tests successfully by taking “Test Cases” It is user friendly and has all the needed(…)

Mail Server Project in Java

The Intranet mail server Project in Java is communication software that helps the users of an Intranet to communicate with electronic mails. The mail service in the Internet is the most useful facility that enables the users of the Internet to send mails to any one who can be anywhere in the world. There is(…)

Chat Room Project in Java

Chat room project is a java based application which works on socket programming. This project has features to create multiple chat rooms and invite friends to chat rooms and perform chat operation. PROBLEM SPECIFICATION INTRODUCTION Every man made entity is first a concept in someone’s mind.  Computing systems like other products of technology are developed(…)

Multi Room Chat Project in Java

This Multi Room Chat Project in Java involves in creating a separate rooms while chatting and inviting only your friends for that room.  Though you are part of any other private or public chat, this project allows you to send messages only to your group members by selecting them before sending messages. Multi Room Chat(…)