Embedded System Abstracts

Electronics and electrical final year students can select best topic form embedded system abstracts listed below. Embedded system projects listed here are for free download. Students can select topic for mini and major projects on embedded systems.

Faulty Material Identification Using PLC Electronics Project Abstract

This project aims at developing a fully automated industrial process. Automatic control plays a crucial role in designing advanced devices and even for running of devices in the industries. This project aims at designing automation system which monitors the working of the devices and gives an alarm in case of emergencies. In this paper we(…)

Four Quadrant Chopper Drive for Dc Motor Electronics Full Project Report

Introduction to Four Quadrant Chopper Drive for Dc Motor Electronics Project: There are various methods for controlling the speed of the DC motor but they require huge equipment and they require high additional costs. The proposed method is a four quadrant chopper method which is used for controlling the speed of the DC motor and it(…)

Electronics Project Design and Development on Robot Firefighter

Introduction to Electronics Project Design and Development on Robot Firefighter: Now a days we find fire accidents occurring very frequently in shopping malls and in big constructions. It is very difficult for the fire safety people to extinguish the fire by finding the occurrence of fire. So we use robots which can go into the fire(…)

Safety Guard for Vehicles and Traffic Management Using Fuzzy Logic ECE Project Report

Introduction to Safety Guard for Vehicles and Traffic Management Using Fuzzy Logic Project: The proposed design is based on fuzzy logic which is used for guiding the vehicle to find the obstacles on the road. The fuzzy logic is implanted in the areas where there is less information and where there is lack of information so(…)

Energy Theft Detector Electronics Project Topics Abstract

Introduction to Energy Theft Detector Electronics Project: The proposed design is to identify the theft energy in the power lines. This design is a microcontroller based design which identifies the users who are illegally using the power. Radio communication is used in between the consumer who user power and substation where the theft identification is monitored.(…)

Development of Energy Management and Warning System for Resident ECE Project Report

In this paper we will discuss about the working remote controllable room architecture which is possible by reducing standing power which in turn reduces the energy consumption. The power controller is designed by using embedded systems with microcontroller functionality. By using this we can efficiently manage the power outlets. By using various sensors we can(…)

Embedded System Based Implementation of Drip Irrigation ECE Project Abstract

Introduction to Embedded System Based Implementation of Drip Irrigation Project: Due to insufficient rains and lack of proper storage reservoirs there is a need to use the limited water resources effectively. By using drip irrigation system the water the wastage of water gets reduced as the water is directly supplied near the roots. But it is(…)

Real Time Pedestration Detection and Tracking at Night Time for Driver Assistance Systems

Introduction to driver assistance systems: Because of accidents the pedestrians are the most affected people. It is very difficult for the drivers to detect the people crossing the roads during night times. The proposed system is a driver assistance system which detects the pedestrians crossing the roads and gives an alarm to the driver so(…)

Electronics In Biomedical and Instrumentation Project Abstract for ECE Final Year Students

Introduction to Electronics In Biomedical and Instrumentation Project: The development in medical field led to the use of electronic devices for making a better and accurate diagnosis and treatment. Electronics and instrumentation engineers design the required equipment for biomedical field. Biomedical medical engineering is application which consists of engineering principles which are used for analyzing the(…)

Target Detecting Android Embedded System Project for Final Year Students

Introduction to Target Detecting Android Embedded System Project: In these days everything is automated for facing the new challenges the new technologies must be developed. In these days automated systems have less operability and reliability, flexibility and accuracy due to the demand of these automated systems is increased. In the field electronic systems the worth and(…)