ECE Final Year Projects

Electronics final year students can download latest collection of ece projects with abstracts and reports for free. Projects listed here are part of ece final year projects on embedded systems, micro controller, robotics. Projects listed here are best be final year projects with full reports and circuit diagrams. Students can also find ece mat lab projects.

Data Acquisition and Controlling using Rabbit Processor

Abstract The main aim of the Data Acquisition and Controlling using Rabbit Processor project is to develop a web based Data acquisition and controlling system using Rabbit processor for  the infant care unit,where the  temperature,humidity and light intensity are monitored and controlled continuously. In this project we monitor the status of the infant care unit.The humidity,temperature(…)

Human Data Interaction in IoT – The Ownership Aspect

In this Human Data Interaction in IoT – The Ownership Aspect, we develop a password based user authenticated IoT device login server. This will provide the data access to the owner only.  Existing Work: The approach of the existing work has not been clearly explained, they not provide any practical approach for the data safety(…)

Industrial parameters monitoring over PC with wireless prerequirements

You need these software’s/ settings to see the data in PC for this Industrial parameters monitoring over PC with wireless pre-requirements project. step 1. you need to install any serial monitor software (we recommend to use arduino software) download link . step 2 you need install cp2102 drivers in laptop. after installing the(…)

Advanced Major Project list for ECE & EEE

These are the below 50 advanced major ECE and EEE Major projects developed for B.Tech/M.Tech Students., S.No Project Name 1 Dual axis solar tracking robot for surveillance with IP camera. 2 Rocker bogie suspension system 3 GSM protocol Integrated Energy Management System 4 Home automation using Android app 5 Merrain navigation robot 6 Drainage pipe(…)

Automatic Switching Of Induction Motor

Automatic Switching Of Induction Motor Abstract: INTRODUCTION:  Now-a-days, water crisis in India has been reached to alarm proportions and its wastage during transmission is identified as the major cause responsible for the problem. So in order to resolve the issue to some extent we have come up with Automatic switching of induction motor in houses,(…)

Microcontroller Based Anesthesia Injector Documentation

In our project “Microcontroller based anesthesia injector”, we developed an automatic anesthesia injector implementing embedded system technology. This micro controller based anesthesia injector provides better solution in eliminating the problems caused due to the manual anesthesia injection. It is an effective mechanism provided with a key pad for giving instructions along with the injection pump,(…)