ECE Final Year Projects

Electronics final year students can download latest collection of ece projects with abstracts and reports for free. Projects listed here are part of ece final year projects on embedded systems, micro controller, robotics. Projects listed here are best be final year projects with full reports and circuit diagrams. Students can also find ece mat lab projects.

Automatic Touch Screen Testing Machine Project Synopsis

Content: Abstract Electronics circuit and embedded systems Mechanical design. Microcontroller program Android app Abstract Designing and developing an automation process for testing capacitive touch screen of mobile, there will be android app installed in mobile which displays few color blocks on lcd screen when capacitive touch pen touches the particular color blocks on lcd screen(…)

Real Time Hand Gesture Recognition for Computer Interaction

ABSTRACT The Real Time Hand Gesture Recognition system presented, uses only a webcam and algorithms which are developed using OpenCV computer vision, image and the video processing algorithms. Existing Work: The Existing work carried was done a PC based MATLAB software, where it has readily available all the algorithms and such system is not used(…)

Electronic Siren ECE Project

We the undersigned had certified and acknowledge the successful completion of the Project Report entitled ” ELECTRONIC SIREN” We certify that we have examined and recommended to Government Technological College for Under-Graduate studies for acceptance the project entitled “ELECTRONIC SIREN” submitted by in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Diploma of Engineering. The 555(…)

Coal Mine Detect and Rescue Robot Embedded Project

AIM: The main aim the project is to design “Embedded control system design for coal mine detect and rescue robot”. COMPONENTS: AT89S52, Gas sensor, Fire Sensor, Driver IC, DC motor, and ZigBee. EXISTING METHOD: The present existing method is without monitoring the environmental conditions inside coal mines, persons are sent inside and sensors are connected(…)