CSE Projects with Source Code

Download All CSE Projects with source code,C++ Projects source code,Java Projects source code,.Net Projects Source Code,PHP Projects source code. Projects listed here consists of cse mini and major project with source code in java,

Student Feedback System .Net Project

This project is a .net based website which is getting all the feedback from the student through online. Modules included in the project are below: Admin Coordinator Faculty Student Output Snapshots and description for the admin, Student and Faculty Modules: Admin page: Admin Login Page: ADMIN HOME PAGE: ADMIN -> STUDENT REGISTRATION FORM ADMIN FACULTY(…)

Mechanical Questionnaire System Java Project

Statement of the project To maintain the questions in the database and develop an Auto Questionnaire to conduct promotional exams for the employees. Existing System: It is time-consuming and difficult to conduct for every section. At present to conduct any exam question paper is being set manually. Proposed System: Questions are generated randomly with the(…)

Electrical and Mechanical Shed Planning and Work Distribution System

This Shed Planning and Work Distribution System project have got the scope to develop in other departments of Electrical and Mechanical Shed, like Spares department where information regarding the available spares can be stored in a computer database for faster information retrieval. Also, there is scope to automate the process of issuing tenders to the(…)

Supporting Chat Protocols in PickPacket IIT Project for Computer Science Students

Online world media is actually ubiquitous for the electronic transfer of both business and private qualified data. In any case, the same media could be and has been utilized for unlawful exercises. This mandates the requirement for quite customizable grid observing instruments to catch suspected conveyances over the system and to break down them. On(…)

Student Staff Feedback System Project Report

This framework is for the most part utilized by four sorts of users:         Student          Staff          Head of sections          Principal The provision may as well have a database of survey which can be given to the understudies following a secured(…)

Practical Training Report on Basic Networking and Microsoft Windows Server

Introduction to Basic Networking and Microsoft Windows Server Project: Basic networking is a concept which is based on the internet and also in the use of computer technology too. It is also based on the local development which is one of the main parts of the networking concept. In this basic networking user accomplish many authoritative(…)

Final Year CSE Computer Network Project Report

Introduction to Computer Network Project Topic: It is a bunch of computers that are adjoined by photo-electric boundary or other act of transporting of many sketches and machinery with the by interchanging data or information for users. Networks may be classified according to a wide variety of characteristics. This article provides a general overview of types(…)

Chess Game Design Java

Design of this chess game is divided in to following modules:  Board representation Move representation Piece representation Analyzer Move representation:  Representing the possible moves is really an important aspect in designing the chess game and this section explains the actual procedure followed to handle all the possible moves in this application. A separate module known(…)