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E-Shopping Project in Asp.Net

          Project Title:  “E-Shopping Project in Asp.Net”          Team Size:  4 Members           Database Server:  Oracle,          Front End: HTML,          Operating system: Windows XP.          Scripting Language: ASP Description:   The Aim of this E-Shopping Project in Asp.Net is to selling the Electronic Goods through online using internet, here we are going to maintain the(…)

College Website Project in ASP.Net

  Project Title: “College Website Project in ASP.Net”   Team Size: 3 Members Programming Language: C# .Net & ASP.Net Back End Server: SQL Server2005 Description: The Aim of this College Website Project in ASP.Net is to implement the website for the school, college; the purpose of this final year computer science and information technology project is(…)

Personal Identity Management final year CSE project

This is a Personal Identity Management final year CSE project website which is used to store Personal information like passwords, credit card information and important documents.  Only authorized or registered users can login into the system and they can store the data. Something like a personal data vault. Nowadays to access any site we have(…)

Rate Allocation and Network Lifetime problems For Wireless Sensor Networks

Project Title: Rate Allocation and Network Lifetime problems For Wireless Sensor Networks Project Description: Nowadays Wireless sensor networks containing huge battery-powered nodes that are covered with altitude of sensing modalities including multi-media sensors and scalar data sensors. Although there have been significant changes, improvements and enhancements in micro processor design and computing, advances in battery(…)

Library Automation over Network .Net Project

Project Title    :    Library Automation over Network .Net Project Software / Tools    :    ASP, ASP.NET with C#, HTML, AJAX, Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server 2005 Duration    :    3 Months Project Description: Library automation over network .Net Final Year Application is actually a web based product developed under ASP, AJAX, ASP.Net, C#.Net, Java Script, HTML, DHTML(…)

Payroll System .Net Project

Project Name: Payroll System .Net Project Platform & Technologies Used: Windows, C#.NET, SQL Server 2005 Roles And Responsibilities: Thorough analysis of the system requirements Coding was done under the C#, Visual studio 2008 Converted the dos-based application Into C# based application To change the database from file-based system into SQL server database and database is(…)

Online Shopping & Bidding Application .Net Project

Project Title : Online Shopping & Bidding Application .Net Project Duration of the project: 60 Days Project Description: This Online Shopping & Bidding Application .Net Final Year Student Project is developed in Asp.Net with SQL Server 2000 by sing Visual Studio tool for Informative purpose so that the purchasing can be made easier online. This(…)

Atomisation of Mark sheet Generation System

Project Title : Atomisation of Mark sheet Generation System Project Description: The Atomisation of Mark sheet Generation System Computer Science & Information Technology (CSIT) project gives the student of University the option to obtain his result. Also the Administrators and the Heads can modify the appropriate colleges and respective students. By Using this application we(…)

Multimedia System .Net Project

Project Title :  Multimedia System .Net Project Project Description: This Multimedia System Final Year Project is a window based application was developed in visual studio 2010 that enables the user to play audio and video files of different formats that most of the applications doesn’t support. This Multimedia System application also integrates the feature to(…)

YouTube Flourish .Net Project

YouTube Flourish projects the main idea is to develop a user-friendly interface for TV programs using ASP.Net and SQL Server.  Using this application organizer can easily manage different programs with limited staff overall programs cost can be reduced.  In the present scenario, reality shows are gaining huge public response and created a money source for(…)