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project on Overview of Srisailam Powerhouse and 220KV Switchyard

January 25, 2012 posted in ECE and EEE Project Abstracts, Electrical Projects by Kasarla shanthan/Ramesh Gavva

  •  Project Name:  Live project on Overview of Srisailam Powerhouse and 220KV Switchyard
  • Type of Plant:  Hydel
  • Client:  Srisailam Power House

Project Description: This project on Overview of Srisailam Powerhouse and 220KV Switchyard involves the salient features of Srisailam power house and switchyard which contains the technical data and peripheral study of the equipment. A detailed study on various electrical equipment used for both generation side  like Battery control panel, synchroscope, chino recorder, unit auxiliary transformer (UAT), unit control board (UCB), thyristor bank, power transformer and distribution side like instrument transformers, earthling switch, circuit breaker, isolator, fuses, protective relays, bus coupler, lightening arrestor, bus bars are discussed. The 220kv/132kv/11kv feeders from the switch yard are studied. The different types of isolator arrangements along with the other switchyard equipment and protective devices are discussed. The sequence of operation of the system breaking is also discussed.


  • Conducting detailed study of the requirements and objective.
  • Writing Calculation and creating Documentation.

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