Product Stock Management MCA Mini Project in VB Abstract

Introduction to Product Stock Management MCA Mini Project:

The project PRODUCT STOCK MANAGEMENT   is designed to handle the warehousing stocks and this software application maintain the records that include good stock going in and out and other related issues.

The present system is based on manual technique and this project tends to automate the system so that maintaining the records of good stock, goods in and got out becomes easier than before. To maintain the stock records also this software is the most ideal. Transactions that are related to returns, goods out and goods in can be maintained manually and presently the mountain of customers and suppliers accounts are also done in the manual system.

All these processes should be done in an automated manner and for that we require an application so that all the data can be logically and relatively used for accurate outcomes. This system should able to replace the existing technique without any specific moderation and problems. Plus. This application should able to provide quick readings of maintenance. The system must able to give reviews that are important and related to the business so than expansion can take place easily by comparing . Reports should also be provided that showcase the details of related issues which will facilitate to the important business decisions.

An SRS is the writing if an organization’s understanding about the potential requirements of the system and customers at a specified time period. This step is to be accomplished in prior to the actual development work and design. This is a two way policy of insurance that make sure that the organization and clients can both understand the requirements from the given perceptive.  This document is written in explicit language and in precise form. This document also acts as a blueprint that helps in the completion of a project as also reduce the cost growth as much as possible. This document is also known as “parent” document.

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