Problems in Distributed System

As per the advancement of technology, a new version of distributed systems has arrived with a name known as dynamic distributed system with more advanced features like dynamic data sharing and resource allocation among the autonomous systems dynamically using some algorithms.

There are many existing problems across these dynamic distributed systems and the most common among there are updates to the systems with the change in topology, handling the mobility of the processors, tolerance to the network failures and handling the dynamic database requests.

Message passing is the most predominant tasks that run across these dynamic distributed systems and a lot of shared memory objects are used across this type of communication process and at the same time there is lot of score for faults across the process of sharing the shared memory objects.

Maintenance of the replica database base objects is also common issues that rise across these dynamic distributed systems and the replication process may be interrupted due to the dynamic updates from any of the individual autonomous systems and even the group communication and the logical message passing techniques involved in this type of communication make the distributed system to make porn towards the faults. 

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