Distributed Computing

Description: The research paper Distributed Computing talks about Distributed Computing and Super Computer like tasks that it undertakes. Distributed computing has received whole new attention where in there are multiple experts working on an intensive problem. Distributive computing increases the scope of desktop CPU and improves the memory of systems by a thousand times and facilitates many users work on an intensive problem.

Although there has been enormous scope in the field of distributed computing not much has been achieved due to lack of sophisticated applications. There have been many problems pertaining to bandwidth bottlenecks coupled with significant security, management and standardization challenges.

How distributed computing works: A distributed computing works on many software agents installed on client systems. There needs to be a dedicated clients’ management server. There may also be requesting clients with software that allows them to submit jobs along with lists of their required resources. An agent running on a processing client detects when the system is idle, notifies the management server that the system is available for processing, and usually requests an application package. The client then receives an application package from the server and runs the software when it has spare CPU cycles, and sends the results back to the server. If the user of the client system needs to run his own applications at any time, control is immediately returned, and processing of the distributed application package ends.

Conclusion: The research abstract ends on a note that distributed computing offers viable solutions to a large group of experts working on an intensive problem. It could offer a viable substitute for supercomputer, although much has to be still done in the field. The research abstract identifies ‘scalability’ as one interesting and commendable feature of distributed computing network.  The most commendable advantages of distributed computers is that it harnesses the systems resources within the firewall.

Download Distributed Computing Technical Paper Presentation.

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