Introduction to Power Generation from Speed Breakers Using Air Compression Method Project:

 In our world every organization, industry, scientific labs, etc have been depending on electricity. Not only these sectors but also humans need electricity, which is equal to our minimum needs. Can we live without electricity now a day? Can we imagine our world without electricity? It is the most important need to us. So we have to increase the electricity. But it is generating very less quantity because population is more, so required more electricity. So we should generate more electricity. For power generation, there are so many methods, which are by using water, coal, sunrises, iron, etc. one of the source is by using speed breakers using air compression method we can generate the power. This is the aim of our project.  

                These speed breakers are made by helical springs of vibrating type at the base position. This spring height should be 0.3m only. When a vehicle loads and cross the speed breaker, immediately both are in depressed state and come back to their original position. These are having a specific dimensions compared to national high-ways. Length, width and height are 4m, 0.4, 0.2m respectively. These are rigid type with made of steel or tar.

When a vehicle loads the speed breaker then compresses the air in it. This air is used to impeller, so it is resource for the alternator. For e.g. Base is trapezoidal shape, so it has max and mini loads on the speed breaker. If it may be uniformly distribution load then it depends on product of factor of safety and whole weight.

                In impeller existing energies are, in inlet is kinetic energy and in outlet is atmospheric. This alternator is a electric generator machine which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy is based on principle of dynamically induced e.m.f. it has both stator and rotor and not having brushes, commutator and slip rings. Finally mechanical energy is generated from the speed breakers, which is resource to the alternator and generates the 10kw electricity from speed breakers.

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