Placement Activity Monitoring System Project Abstract

         Placement Activity Monitory project is a reporting tool for Business.  This application is implemented in three modules ,Recruiter Activity  Monitoring (RAM), Resource Activity Stages (RAS) & Sales Activity Monitoring (SAM). Three tire business layer architecture is used.  Based on the Users & Rolls screens have been added to User Control.  Dashboard will update With statistics of Sales, Recruiting. 

This application is implemented in Asp.Net programming language for front end GUI development. Progaming part is done in C# language. This project is implemented by effectively using .Net validation controls for client side validation.

 Environment:            Visual Studio 2005,C#, ASP.NET 1.1/2.0, ADO.NET,  HTML, CSS, Windows 2003 Server, Microsoft AJAX.

Database:                      MS-SQL Server 2000




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