Phone Billing and Managing VB.Net Project for MCA Final Year Students

Introduction to Phone Billing and Managing VB.Net Project:

This project focuses on administration and billing of the phone and make sure that it is developed as a part of the X standard Visual Basic stand alone project. More Phone Billing And Administration is an application software that is designed to maintain the data related to the entry of the phone application, allocation of phones to silent, shifting old phones, management of pain complaints, call registrations, generation of monthly phone bills its.

The existing system is based on manual application and thus this project aims to make this seem automate. Apart from maintaining the phone billing in a computerized manner this application can also manage:

Phone numbers that are allocated to customers

Monthly entry of bill

Generation of monthly bill

Registration of complaining

Managing the applications that are received in connection of phones


To make the system of phone bill generation and billing process automatic this application can be used by any company that is engaged in phone billing.

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