Phase Sequence Detection and Controlled Power Supply System Project

This Phase Sequence Detection and Controlled Power Supply System (EEE) project mainly used to find the phase sequence of any machine or other electrical equipment and it works on three phase supply and the extra feature added in this project is controlling the power supply voltage and also provides the concept of over and under voltage protection. in this electrical project three phases are used namely  R Y B (red, yellow, blue), if the order is not in a manner then the total circuit winding will be damaged, when the high voltage is applied to the system then that is more than the required range then the circuit and finally it will be tripped, this can be done by using the relay  and high voltage protection system, with the help of this we can protect our electronic equipments, can provide more efficient and simpler to maintain the phase detection, this project is mainly used in sub stations, because the power from the power plant can send to the sub stations then next send to the homes, agriculture areas, industries, here industries are having separate line for power transfer, so in the sub stations we have to set the phase sequence, where it should be in a sequence of R Y B.

Download Phase Sequence Detection and Controlled Power Supply System Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Project Report

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