Peristaltic Pumps Mechanical Seminar Topic

Introduction to Peristaltic Pumps Mechanical Seminar Topic:

Peristaltic Pumps are one of the most common items that we find in our house premises; a peristaltic pump is one of the displacement pumps which are positive in nature and is used to pump various kinds of fluids. The name “Peristaltic pump” was derived the word “peristalsis” which is its pumping principle. It consists of a flexible tube, rotor with rollers, shoes or wipers, pump casing etc. The fluid is kept inside the flexible tube or hose which compress and relaxes making the inward and outward flow of the fluid. For that rollers attached with the rotor, shoe and wipers are attached to the external surface of the tube which initiates the compression and relaxation. When the rotor gets started, an under compression tube part closes compelling the liquid to move through. A cam is passed then to make the tube regain its original shape and the fluid flow is induced back to the pump, this process is called restitution.

Advantages of Peristaltic Pumps:

  • Only the interior part is in touch with the fluid and as a result there are less chances of contagion
  • Absence of valves or glands means less maintenance and manufacturing costs
  • No Product slip, linear speed flow makes it ideal for dosing
  • No priming needed, peristaltic pumps are self-primed and seal less with no cavitation
  • Various types of fluids can be pumped
  • Powerful suction and low vacuum force
  • Can handle fluids under high pressure flow

There are many areas where a peristaltic pump can be used; the most common industry which it is used is the water treatment plants where the pumps are used to induce chlorine and other chemicals into running water. Other major industries include paper, ceramic, beverages, detergent, construction etc.  Peristaltic pumps are also used as medical equipment in dialysis machines or bypass machines. Due to its ability to handle high suction pressure it is even used in nuclear plants.

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