Paper Presentation on Quantum Computers

Introduction to Paper Presentation on Quantum Computers:

It is the assassination of math’s, physics and even science related to computer technology. The best advantages of quantum computers are the quantum circuit model because that is developed of the basics of the quantum units and also the gates related to quantum computers. These units and the quantum gates perform the calculations much quick then that of the other common computers. These quantum computers while processing follows the rules and some laws of the Physic state. By this it saves and gets a large power by performing the various tasks.         

Some of the quantum related algorithms are Quantum circuit based algorithms which has the Oracle Database Language. Adiabatic algorithm, Measure based algorithm and topological based algorithm are some of the other algorithms too… there are also some rivals of the quantum computing too and some of them are firstly the decoherence which creates a problem by adding the gates of the quantum in the processing circuits. Secondly the gate inaccuracies which creates a problem when the gates are assassinated together. The easiest way to solve these errors is the repetition method and functions.

The elements related to the quantum computers are Bits and qubits which are called the main parts of the quantum computers. These bits are presented in the nuclea format. Second is the single qubit which are used mainly by the classical systems only. Here the bits have only two unit’s values called the 0 and 1. Third is the multiple qubit in which the number of the qubits grows by the sizes of the system computers. The extra concepts of the quantum computers are Super positions, Entanglement,Uncertainty etc…

The upcoming developing future of the quantum computers are very demanding because all the Quantum physical work is related with the quantum computers only. There are some kinds of errors that can also be solved by using some standard methods. In Cumming days these system will a great growth in the production and development stages.

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