Optical Camouflage Technology Seminar Report

Introduction to Optical Camouflage Technology Seminar Topic:

This paper describes about various methods used for implementation of visual space. One of the most common topic now a days are displaying a virtual object in real world. In this paper we discuss about camouflage technique called optimal camouflage.

The idea of Optical camouflage is to create the invisibility of an object with something so that it is projected behind the object. It completely covers the wearer such that viewer can see through the wearer and the wearer remains invisible. The different methods of optical camouflage provide invisibility in the visible site of spectrum. The idea of optical camouflage is providing virtual transparency using masked object. If the background image is projected on to masked object then we can observe object as virtually transparent.

For enabling the transparency cloak enables optical camouflage to work using a material named “retro-reflective” where the material is covered with small beads. These beads bounce the light rays in the same direction when light is focussed on beads.

The applications of this retro-reflective material can be seen in traffic signs, and even in bicycles reflector also in lighting part of raincoat like the cloak they can be viewed even from far distance since they shine brightly with little light. This application can be more useful for the people driving at nights.

The disadvantage of this technique is that the observer needs to look through half-mirror. For the implementation of current systems needs a half-mirror and projectors fixed on ground. In the future work is going on such that a person can view background image for various viewpoints with H.M.P

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