Online Tours and Travels Project Report

Online Tours and Travels Project is web based application specially designed for travel agents to book tickets through online and provide travels information.

Online Tours and Travels

Existing System:

Every system might have existing system and might don’t have. Some system may be developed to perform on-line task to make the work of human being in an easier way as before existing system people might have worked on a manual basis. To complete a task through Manual basis is time consuming as well as it increases burden on the employee so for a better side to complete a task many of organizations are implementing on-line system. In early way the before there. 

The existing system had been static. The Company follows a Online system for maintaining the Online Tour & Travels. 

  • Whenever admin want to manage all the modules in admin site then there no facility for that.
  • The day-to-day entries are made Online into the book that has gotten all the relevant entries.
  • In another problem in Existing System is that admin side. There are many admin are work. So the admin wants to give the specific permission to the control panel. 

 Limitation of Existing System 

Each and every system has certain drawbacks that lead them in to the improper working. Our traditional manual system of we are able to booking tickets and packages in only our current city and we are want to spread our business in worldwide(India) so we are choose the online booking method. 

  • There is some problem faceted in the existing website. So, the Site owner wants to the Re-develop the Existing Site. 
  • First when the user wants to book the tickets then they have to contact to booking office manually, and that is very embarrassing for them. 
  • A second is that admin side problem. There is the three and four admin. Each time one is not present then another will change the Admin. 
  • The biggest problem in existing site that the pages of that website are static and not dynamic, so the functionality of the site is not dynamic and the site doesn’t work dynamically. 
  • And in the existing system there are only some selected cities, so the owner wants to explode his site with adding new cities across the country so in the new site we add more cities as compared to existing site. 
  • In the existing site the users can only see the packages and the information about the packages but he cannot book the ticket online so we provide the online ticket booking facility in this new website. 
  • In this new website we explore this site in all India, and we provide the facility of both of tour and the daily travel. 
  • Some other basic problem that arise so, we Re-develop that site very carefully.

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  1. Ur files are been downloaded by me many times but I cant open it I have a good phn only then too I cant open this format pls change a format in which all can easily access and use

  2. I want Php project in ” ONLINE TRAVEL & TOUR BOOKING SYSTEM ” backend MySQL with source code, and I will submite this project is coming Wednesday(25-3-2015) pls help me. I want urgent this project. Any body send this prject in my mail id

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