Online Exam with Graphical Presentation Project


As one of this online exam tools are quite effective in this generation however, we have developed a web-based online exam system, which can create questions closely, competitively, and collaboratively by students for purpose of reducing the load required for a teacher and promoting interactions among students and between the teacher, this should be done in order to improve students comprehension levels and learning motivation.

This is intuitive Online Exam application through which we can conduct online exams on various topics as we desire.


This Online Exam with Graphical Presentation Project deals with online exam, as one of this online exam tools are successfully implemented in universities. This project improves student’s comprehension levels and learning motivation. This Online exam tool had been programmed in xml file on the server from the information technology department.

In a first step an invitation email will be sent to all the students for online registration to manage their account by providing username and password to conduct the online exam, after logging in you will be having instruction to follow the procedure and later on main exam paper will be displayed and there schedule time will be fixed, we have to finish online exam in scheduled time.

Questions appear in the website with answers, answer will be subdivided into 4 sections, you just have to search to find the correct answers, after each question there is a link for the next web page, if any answers are wrong you will have the opportunity to go back and try again for the correct answer.

When you have answered the entire question, you have to click on the submit button at the bottom of the exam page and our computer will calculate your results on the spot. You may then choose to review your exam for any wrong answer given. Later results can be downloaded or can be taken the printout.

Each exam is dynamically created and built with the latest server-side technology using advanced randomization techniques for increasing security, but implements widely compatible client-side technology so that almost anyone with a web browser can use the system. The data is then stored in server-side, making it nearly impossible to cheat the system.




• You can login and take the exam at any time
• In spot the computer will calculate the results
• It can be used from any place with Internet connection
• Easy Job
• Fast and effective service


• PC Dependable
• Answers cant be discussed with any one
• Fixed time can’t be extended.
• Initially it’s expensive.


This Online Exam project is very useful for this generation because anyone can successfully begin online exam, it is presented to you in a simple and easy format that enables you to improve your effectiveness and efficiency to prepare for interviews confidently and successfully.

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