DCE – DTE Interface In CDMA Project

By using this interface the user will get all the information regarding CDMA mobile to his PC. The user can get the information about the mobile settings and service information and network information. By using this DCE – DTE Interface In CDMA application we can make a call from the system and we can send messages.

We are developing this DCE – DTE Interface In CDMA application to reach the needs of the client.

1. Connection Establishment
2. AT Command Execution using CDMA Mobile
3. Live Signal Generation
4. Finger Graph generation
5. Protocol Statistics
6. CDMA Mobile Call Processing

Connection Establishment:

In this DCE – DTE Interface In CDMA application for getting communication between we have to establish a connection through the PC. So we need a communication channel for the PC Communication. In this application we are using USB cable for connecting the PC through the mobile. We have to use Mobile USB software in the system to support the drivers. The communication cable will connect to the system port. So now the device will listen to the particular port. We need to identify the connected port also for the mobile communication.
AT Command Execution using CDMA Mobile:

By using this application we can generate three different types of parameters. Those are

1. General Information
2. Data Information
3. Extended Information

Live Signal Generation:

By using WAVE DM we are going to analyze the live signal strength in time intervals. For this one we are using AT – Commands. By using this tool we are sending commands to the mobile several times to find the live signal strength. By that the user can evaluate whether the service is clear or not. By using this tool we are generating signal graph. This graph is used to represent the signal strength.

Finger Graph generation:

By using our WAVE DM application we are going to generate Finger Graph which will extract near by 6 BTS signal strengths.

Protocol Statistics:

WAVE DM provides users to analyze quality of service and throughput problems associated with cdma RLP, UDP, PPP and TCP/IP layer measurements. It will provide users nice graphical user for analyzing the protocol statistics.

CDMA Mobile Call Processing:

The application has another feature to make a call. So the application should support the call processing. To support this module we are using one mobile simulator which is developed by us only and we should make it work. For making call we should use related AT Commands.

CDMA Call Processing States:

1. System initialization state
2. System idle state
3. System access state
4. Traffic channel state

For this DCE – DTE Interface In CDMA application development we are using Java Swings and USB Based communication to the mobile.

Software Requirements:

Language : Java Swings
Mobile USB Driver Software : Compatible CDMA Mobile Driver Software

Future Enhancements:

1. Location Map generation.
2. Save and Load settings into PC
3. Message processing.

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