Online Customer Care and Service Center Project

Online customer care and service center project is a web based application which is designed to provide online service for users to get support from computer repair related information. 

Customer Care and Service Center Project

The Present System

In the present system all the activities are carried out either manually or with the help of word processor. While providing services to its customer they keep the record of the products and customers in spreadsheets/word documents or paper register. In which they manages all records illegibly. Resulting is redundancy of data like customer name and address etc. The detail of their account is also kept their. When any customer takes any kind of services, the charge is calculated manually.

Generally problems are faced in allocating duties of employs. In such environment regular and overtime duties are not maintained properly. This lead to improper calculation of employs payroll and if made properly calculation becomes quite complicated for every employee.

Another problem usually faced by the organization is frequent complain by the customers for not getting timely services. This is because improper working schedule of employees and the method for keeping the records. Here owner has to keep a watch on everything all the time. In this case it is nearly impossible to get the details of the services status whenever required. All this makes the owner the key person to handle the whole working system.

In such kind of management there are no facilities to properly handle the Human Recourses, such as staff information, their attendance and monthly salary, customer information and handling its accounts etc.

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