Knowledge Evaluator Project in Java

Knowledge Evaluator Project in Java is uefuls to know how actually any knowledge evaluation system works, their patterns, grading system and techniques. This project comes under education related software application which works as a web application.

Knowledge Evaluator Project


“Knowledge Evaluator” works with a predefined patterns and techniques as in to provide perfect evaluation to a user. 

User registers himself/herself to Knowledge Evaluator System, and gets a unique id onto which they use their respective account for giving test and evaluating themselves. 

Expert herein also registers and upload questions and answers for the test onto which the user evaluate themselves.


       1. Inefficient in maintaining Documents (evaluation sheets). 

  1. Time consuming in searching & preparing documents like combined evaluated report. 
  1. Redundancy of Data. 
  1. Security of data and documents like Registration data, test data, and result data. 
  1. Calculations are difficult and time-consuming. 
  1. Reports are generated manually. 


1. Registration and Log in.

2. Maintaining Registration data.

3. Generation and maintenance of Test.

4. Generation of Result or Evaluation Sheets.

5. Providing search options.

6. Storing the Evaluation data.


1.  Providing security. 

2.  Storing each and every test. 

3.  Easy search of user and their evaluated marks. 

4.  Time saving in scheduling test. 

  1. To handle more user.


This Application is User-friendly and easy to use, the reason being very simple and still efficient components are implemented. 

Once the user is identified as authorized user, the main screen of application is displayed. 

User can select one of the options and appropriate screen will be displayed. The components or elements present in the screen are simple to understand and self explanatory. 

The Save option is available to make registration Registered to Database for future reference.  The Print is available to help user with hard copy of particular data item or report.

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