We come across many marked occasions in our life and any occasion is incomplete without flowers. To reduce the rigidity of obtaining the flowers we introduce this web application. The main theme of the web application is to provide ordering boutique in online to users. The Online Boutique Store application provides the details of the nearby flower boutique for provided location. It also allows the user to order online if the service is provided by the boutique vendor.

It gives the information about the flowers used for particular season and occasion. Every flower is eccentric in its own way. That eccentricity is provided.  Services like separate flowers, garlands, bouquet etc will be provided. Initially, we’ll provide the services in twin cities and in future we will work for expansion.


Web server                     : Tomcat 7.0

Server side technologies : java, java server pages,servlets

Client side technologies : HTML,PHP,java script

Database server             : My SQL

Operating system           : Windows 7 or higher