Multiple Devices Switching Through PC Electronics Engineering Project Report

Introduction to multiple device switching:

We use various switching techniques for controlling the devices in industries. Microcontroller based switching is the most common technique which is used for switching the devices in industries. In this paper we will see switching of devices by using a Pc. We will see how the switching is possible by using a Pc and the design and the advantages of using this switching method.

Brief on design and working model:

In this design we use a serial port which consists of triac drivers and some discrete components by using this board switching of the devices is possible.  RS232 cable is used which is an efficient device in for building pc based applications by using this we can convert the serial data to the required digital which is used for driving the drivers. For obtaining switching we use optically isolated triac driver MOC3041 which can work in ac power supplies. It consists of an infrared emitting diode which is optically encoupled to a monolithic silicon detector by which switching is possible.

For the conversion of the data between the pc and the serial port we use a microcontroller. AT89S2 microcontroller is used which consists of a 40 pin package and is efficient for driving the logic circuits for obtaining switching. The 89S52 microcontroller consists of 8KB of internal flash memory which can allows us for the reprogramming and it has 32 available which can be used for input and output purposes.


This is efficient method for obtaining switching of devices in industries and can be use in ac power supply environment. By using this device we can obtain switching of 8 devices and if more no devices are present we can use a multiplexer to meet the additional switching requirement. We can even use wireless communication for switching by placing a receiver and a transmitter unit.

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