Multi User CDMA Communication System Project Report and Mat Lab Code

Introduction to Multi User CDMA Communication System Project:

Multi user CDMA communication system project is for B.S.C communication engineering students. Main aim of this project is to implement a simple experimental setup for understanding wireless communication using sound waves instead of electromagnetic waves. These experimental results will be further designed at lab environment by using transmitter and receiver using electromagnetic waves. Initially entire application is tested using speaker and microphone. 

Problem Specification: 

Using CDMA technology we need to design a real time acoustic communication system. This application should effectively work in laboratory environment. With this simple design we must transmit information from transmitter to receiver acoustic channel. This application should transmit information on eight different channels at same time. 

Along with project design this project report covers details on different wireless communication and modulation techniques and cover information on topics like study on multiple access techniques, transmitters, receivers, channels, synchronization, modulation and de modulation techniques. 

Some of observations that can be made during this project are we can use Walsh code in place of other codes because this system works for short distance and because of this reason there is very less multipath present. BPSK is the modulation technique is used in this project because of limited data rate provided by sound card. 

Here we provide full project documentation with mat lab code for 4 channels and 8 channels. 

Download Multi user CDMA communication system project report and mat lab code from this link.

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