Ms Dissertation Topic on Banking Financial Institutions

Introduction to Banking Financial Institutions on Ms Dissertation Topic:

The financial institutions are having the following objectives:

  • Receiving the deposits as well as the other type of refundable funds from the individuals
  • Managing the tasks and functions of the intermediary within the process of the settling the payment operations
  • Managing the operations which include the foreign exchange legislations
  • Managing and operating the insurance trades
  • Promoting the payments of the safeties as well as the securing valuables
  • Managing and controlling the operations related to the capitalization
  • Extending the agreements and activities related to them
  • Performing the credit operations
  • Performing the operations related to the capital markets by making use of the intermediation companies
  • Offering and delivering the payment services
  • Making the transactions on behalf of the third party
  • Taking part in the stocks as well as the debentures and even the services related to it
  • Controlling the administration as well as the management of the group of securities
  • Making the sales and the purchase of the foreign currency by using the travelers cheques
  • Taking part within the capital funds of the company 


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