Introduction to Monitoring The Application Layer DDOS Attacks for Popular Websites Project:

Monitoring the application layer DDOS attacks for popular websites project is implemented using AWT swing as front end using MyEclipse tool. Main aim of this project is to implement a document popularity scheme for detecting Distributed denial of service attacks at lower layers, new application layer based DDOS attacks are tough to detect which are caused due to HHTP requests to overwhelm victim resource. These attacks are cad damage popular website during flash crowd. In order to solve this problem we use document popularity scheme which uses access matrix for recognizing spatial temporal patterns of normal flash crowd. In Access matrix two analyses are applied, principal component analysis and independent component analysis. In this scheme we use semi markov model for detecting DDOS attacks.

For this project we provide detailed explanation on SDLC methodologies, N-Tire architecture, and feasibility study.

 Download Monitoring The Application Layer DDOS Attacks for Popular Websites Project With Source Code  from this link.