MBA Project on Evaluation Of Performance Appraisal Format

Evaluation Of Performance Appraisal Format Used At Ial Method Overview: 

The method used for appraising the employee is by means of simple questionnaire method where various performance indicators as well as personality traits with its definition on different scaling (low to high) is been used   to evaluate the employee’s performance.

The method been used here cannot elucidate a clear picture of employee’s performance since because here, the employee’s are evaluated and more weight age is given to personality traits rather than true performance indicators..

The OBJECTIVES for the Annual Performance Appraisal system been set by GOVERNMENT for IAL are: 

To appraise the individual’s performance on the work assigned to him and the qualities he is expected to show on the job in performing his tasks as expected by the organization through his supervising officers and to assess the potential for higher responsibilities.  

  To generate inputs for promotions, confirmations, placements, training and other personnel and development decisions in respect of the individual so appraised. 

  To assess the professional, managerial, behavioral and other training and development needs and provide information to the personnel/HRD Department for development decisions. 

These objectives been established by the GOVERNMENT for IAL is in coherence with the objectives of a performance appraisal system which a organization should monitor while appraising it’s employee. 

3) Certain guidelines are given for the appraiser while appraising like: 

  • Complete the form on the basis of actual performance of the officer concerned as also his potential for higher responsibilities during the period under review. 
  • Consider only one item at a time. 
  • Do not make snap judgments. 
  • Make sure that a strong or a weak attribute under one factor does not cloud your judgement of his standing on the others. 
  • Base your assessment on direct knowledge. 
  • Ensure that the ratings reflect normal performance, avoid being influenced by recent instances of  “Success or Failure”. 
  • It is advisable that the individual being assessed should be compared with others of the same rank employed on more or less similar type of work. 
  • Over-rating as well as under-rating diminishes the value of the assessment. 
  • Remember that seldom, if ever, does one possess all traits in the highest degree or two individuals possess all traits in the same degree.

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