Portfolio Evaluation and Investment Decisions MBA Project


Portfolio Evaluation and Investment Decisions MBA Final Year Project Report and Documentation Case Study can be defined and used in many a ways, because the basic meaning of the word is “combination of the various things keeping intact”. So I considered and evaluated this from the perspective of the investment part in the securities segment.

From the investor point of view this portfolio followed by him is very important since through this way one can manage the risk of investing in securities and thereby managing to get good returns from the investment in diversified securities instead of putting all the money into one basket. Now a day’s investors are very cautious in choosing the right portfolio of securities to avoid the risks from the market forces and economic forces. So this topic is chosen because in portfolio management one has to follow certain steps in choosing the right portfolio in order to get good and effective returns by managing all the risks.

This topic covers the how a particular portfolio has to be chosen concerning all the securities individual return and thereby arriving at the overall portfolio return. This also covers the various techniques of evaluation of the portfolio with regarding to all the uncertainties and gives an edge to select the right one. The purpose of choosing this topic is to know how the portfolio management has to be done in arriving at the effective one and at the same time make aware the investors to choose the securities which they want to put them in their portfolio. This also gives an edge in arriving at the right portfolio in consideration to different securities rather than one single security. The project is undertaken for the study of my subject thoroughly while understanding the different case studies for the better understanding of the investors and myself.

This project deals with the different investment decisions made by different people and focuses on element of risk in detail while investing in securities. It also explains how portfolio hedges the risk in investment and giving optimum return to a given amount of risk. It also gives an in depth analysis of portfolio creation, selection, revision and evaluation. The report also shows different ways of analysis of securities, different theories of portfolio management for effective and efficient portfolio construction. It also gives a brief analysis of how to evaluate a portfolio.


–    To help the investors to decide the effective portfolio of securities.

–    To identify the best portfolio of securities.
–    To study the role and impact of securities in investment decisions.
–    To clearly defining the portfolio selection process.
–    To select an optimal portfolio.


–    The data collected is basically confined to secondary sources, with very little amount of primary data associated with the project.

–    There is a constraint with regard to time allocated for the research study.

–    The availability of information in the form of annual reports & price fluctuations of the companies is a big constraint to the study.

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