Mail Server with Intranet and Live Chat Final Year CSE Project

The Mail Server with Intranet and Live Chat project main aim is to decreeing the database usage and email services then get the organisation on profits. According to these days none of the tool provides a live chat application in LAN. But using this tool we can interact with one person to another easy and less cost in intranet. The basic system requirement is 20GB hard disk, 128RAM, NIC cards, cable and LAN and software’s are windows, JRE, IIS SERVER, HTML3.2 and above.

Today lot of companies communicating their employees using different kind of tools to do for internal communication .For that they are using various kind mail serveries, and spending lot of money to use of those services like live chat and E-mail. Using the internet and emails are improve the organisation and well developed.

Activity Diagram

Advantages & Applications of the Chat System:

This E-mail system can be doing SMB (small-to-medium business) with 5to 500 members with the organisation. In system user can interact with the mail services using the (simple Mail Transfer Protocol) SMTP protocol. The mail service sends and receives to mail server by using the SMTP protocol.

In this tool user can feel up the register the registration form. User enters the correct user ID, and password to login then it checks the Authentication to respond to Mail server using the SMPT. User Enter the correct ID and Password, then the server respond and display the user mails and the chat information. The tool contains check mail, compose, send, receive, Delete, Empty, Favourite and.

Junk mail. if the user enter invalid user id and password and forget the enter the current address the filed if it is validate then the user can access their mails .if, the user sending the mails to invalid address then the tool shows the to enter the validate address in the address filed.

Download Mail Server with Intranet and Live Chat Final Year CSE Project.

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